Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Is Your Baby Crying? Here Are Some Likely Reasons Why

Crying. As a new parent this can be very upsetting to you, but you must remember that it's the only way your baby can communicate with you. When you're a new parent you might find it very difficult to recognize why your baby is crying, but rest assured that there is probably a very good reason. Luckily, there are some very common reasons why your baby might crying, and I can list them out for you that you as a checklist that you can go through. Over time you will be able to recognize exactly what your baby is crying, but at first you will have to probably do some trial and error until you recognize the difference between your baby's cries.

A soiled diaper is probably the most common reason why a baby would cry. Soiled diapers are very uncomfortable to the baby, and not only that, they can cause painful diaper rashes which you obviously want to avoid. Changing your baby's diaper often is very important, you must ensure to leave the diaper not too tight. Changing diapers can be a messy and, frankly, disgusting job at first but you will quickly get used to it. If your baby starts crying even more when you take the diaper off, you can try putting a soft blanket on it while you change the diaper. Babies often do not like being uncovered in this can make them cry even more.

Check to make sure that your baby is not too hot or too cold. If your baby is red, appears to be sweating, or has a higher than normal temperature but not sick, it is probably crying because it's too hot. If your baby is cold give it more clothing or a warm blanket, babies are very sensitive to temperature and if they are too hot or cold they will let you know by crying. A good rule of thumb in clothing your baby is to give it one more layer of clothing than what you are wearing. Then simply adjust according to changes in temperature.

You could also try swaddling your baby. This involves simply wrapping your baby tightly in a blanket with its arms and hands to the side, which imitates the feeling the baby has when it's still inside the womb. This is very comforting to the baby and might simply be all he or she needs to calm down. If you are uncomfortable with swaddling your baby, I suggest asking a friend who is also a mother, or a healthcare professional. I'd highly suggest learning how to properly swaddle your baby as it is one of the best ways to soothe and calm your baby down.

Another common reason that a baby is crying simply because it is hungry. Newborn babies need to leave the area often as they are growing quickly in the body needs food often. Just give your baby a bottle or letter nurse and it will probably calm it right down. Even if your baby is in Hungary the act of nursing or sucking on a bottle can be very calming. There's no need to worry about your baby overeating; it simply will stop eating if it's not hungry.

You may also find that your baby cries because it is tired. Babies are known to get cranky very quickly when they are tired, and you should get your baby on a regular sleep schedule each day. Doing this will also make it easier for you as a parent, as your baby will be much more likely to sleep through the night if it is on a normal sleep schedule. I would recommend having a routine that you put your baby through before it goes to sleep, such as singing or humming, cuddling, rocking, etc. this will help your baby avoid a tantrum when it goes to sleep.

Over time you will find that it is much easier for for you to recognize why your baby is crying. It can be difficult for a new parent at first, but you will eventually be able to recognize why your baby is crying and whining to fix it. Don't let it overwhelm you; it is something all new parents have to go through at first. Please keep in mind that if can't get your baby to stop crying or it seems like it is sick or in pain, you should take it to a doctor just to make sure that everything is okay. Remember, crying is the only way a piece have of communicating and if they are in pain or say they don't know how else to tell you about it.


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